Rick Will Fight Against Unfair Trade Deals

China uses the money it makes from trade with us to strengthen its secret police and military and to buy our Treasury notes. Almost 3 million American jobs have been lost. Our trade deficit with South Korea increased 50 percent only two years after it was signed. Fifty-thousand American jobs were lost. IF I’m elected to congress I will never support a trade agreement that loses even one more american job.

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Rick is running for Congress because he believes trade policies have damaged our economy, especially for working families. Time and again, since NAFTA took effect in 1994, Congress has agreed to trade policies that force factories to move overseas or shut down and give foreign companies an unfair advantage. As a result, corporate profits have skyrocketed and good paying jobs for working people have become scarce. There is a slight majority in Congress now that wants to keep this wrongheaded policy going. Elect Rick and a few other like-minded persons to Congress and trade policy can be reversed and manufacturing jobs brought back. It really is that simple. Your vote does make a difference. Rick will strengthen programs that help senior citizens. Medicare, Social Security, senior housing, senior consumer protection, and senior work assistance programs will be fully funded. Rick will not take a pension. He will pay for his own health care, which he is voluntarily doing already. He will serve at most five terms. He will never accept a gift or free trip. He will serve the people of the 15th Congressional District, not lobbyists. He will never become part of the Washington establishment.


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Rick is running to solve problems and the issues that matter to the 15th District.                Will you consider supporting his campaign with a donation of $5?