A Champion for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have been cheated out of a Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) too often.  It won’t happen again if Rick is able to approve legislation that will accurately gauge the true cost-of-living for senior  citizens.  It will be a priority for him. I will fight to preserve Medicare, a program that works and that helps every senior citizen. Better detection of patterns of fraud and waste in the Medicare system is achievable and would save billions.

The Republican proposal to get rid of Medicare by creating a voucher system will make average, middleclass senior citizens fend for themselves with insurance companies at a time when their health care needs are increasing. It will not work.

Social Security works as intended. It is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme. It is not about maximizing investment income. It is a program to keep senior citizens from falling into poverty when they are no longer able to earn a living. The tax cap on Social Security should be removed to ensure solvency.

I support increased funding for senior citizen housing programs and work experience programs. I support stronger Consumer Protection for senior citizens to stop them from being victims of financial fraud and other schemes that prey upon senior citizens.

I know that senior citizens contribute to our families, communities and nation. We must do all we can to help them as they have helped us throughout their lives and continue to be important to our nation and our families.

Rick is running to solve problems and the issues that matter to the 15th District.                Will you consider supporting his campaign with a donation of $5?