Good Jobs. Fair Wages. Stable Employment.

Growing up, the roof over my head and food on my table was put there in part because of wages brought about through the efforts of organized labor, and my parents never belonged to a union.   My parents owned and operated Daugherty Travel Agency in East Allentown.   As a child, I saw customer after customer come in to book trips to Disney World, Hawaii, Europe, and all around the world.   Most were regular working people.  They had jobs in the factories at Bethlehem Steel, Western Electric, and Mack Trucks.

Stable employment and good wages allow a local economy to flourish.  Small businesses have customers.  Workers can purchase homes.  Neighborhoods become stronger. Manufacturing firms located in America pay real estate taxes that keep our taxes lower.  Payroll taxes support Medicare and Social Security – keeping those programs strong.  Whether you are a union member or not, jobs sent overseas help none of us.  As Americans we need to join together and bring our jobs back and demand that Congress stop free trade agreements with countries that do not share our values.

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