Rick grew up in the west Bethlehem area where his father, a combat veteran of WWII, his mother, and two brothers lived in a ranch house on Troxell Street. It was a great place to grow up. Neighbors looked out for each other. Children could roam free and create their own games. He delivered papers for the Evening Chronicle, fished at Monacacy Park, and rode his bike to Almarts department store. His parents founded Daugherty Travel Agency located on the eastside of Allentown. Rick knows the struggles and challenges that face small businesses.

Rick attended the Catasauqua School District from kindergarten to high school. He played football andtrack. Later he graduated from Moravian College with a bachelor’s degree in social work. He is a lifelong member of Saint Andrew’s church. When Rick was 15, his father died of cancer. Although the support of family, friends, and neighbors was strong, without Social Security his family would never have made it. He knows that government programs can help when it is needed the most.

Rick has three grown children – Sarah, Eric and Shane. He lives in Lowhill township, Lehigh County. He was chairman of the Lehigh County Democratic Committee and District Administrator for Congressman Paul McHale (retired).


As a social worker, Rick helped children in foster care deal with difficulties, adjust to their new home, and learn the skills necessary to live a successful life. At New Bethany Ministries he helped homeless families become self-sufficient. He then worked as the District Administrator for former Congressman Paul McHale. He now works at what he describes as “the best job I will ever have” at the Lehigh Valley Active Life, a local senior center.


Rick is running for Congress because he believes trade policies have damaged our economy, especially for working families. Time and again, since NAFTA took effect in 1994, Congress has agreed to trade policies that force factories to move overseas or shut down and give foreign companies an unfair advantage. As a result, corporate profits have skyrocketed and good paying jobs for working people have become scarce. There is a slight majority in Congress now that wants to keep this wrongheaded policy going. Elect Rick and a few other like-minded persons to Congress and trade policy can be reversed and manufacturing jobs brought back. It really is that simple. Your vote does make a difference. Rick will strengthen programs that help senior citizens. Medicare, Social Security, senior housing, senior consumer protection, and senior work assistance programs will be fully funded. Rick will not take a pension. He will pay for his own health care, which he is voluntarily doing already. He will serve at most five terms. He will never accept a gift or free trip. He will serve the people of the 15th Congressional District, not lobbyists. He will never become part of the Washington establishment.



Rick is running to solve problems and the issues that matter to the 15th District.                Will you consider supporting his campaign with a donation of $5?